Downie North Architects specialise in residential alterations and additions, new houses and bespoke multi-residential architecture. The collaboration of partners Daniel North and Catherine Downie, we offer a highly personalised service. Priding ourselves on handling all aspects of the design and documentation process, we actively work with the construction team to realise architectural intent.

Designing and building someone’s home is a privilege we take very seriously. We believe the best architectural outcomes are ones realised from a highly collaborative approach between ourselves, client and contractor. As such we work very closely with our clients and consultant team to craft unique, strongly site specific architecture that positively contribute to the lives lived within and without.

Our practice follows a highly rigorous process of continual refinement, in pursuit of ever more efficient, simple and pure architectural outcomes. We employ a wide range of mediums to explore design, including hand sketches, 3D modelling including visualisations and physical models.

Our work is carefully crafted and dedicated to distilling a sense of place, building sustainably and finding joy in everyday life. We realise architecture born from a thoughtful reading of context and experience of the natural environment and through robust, ongoing collaboration with their clients, consultants and builders.

We believe in Architecture as an optimistic and positive interaction between nature, landscape and culture.


Both Catherine and Daniel are registered Architects in NSW and Downie North Architects is an A+ Member of the Australian Institute Of Architects.