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Wollstonecraft Terrace

Wollstonecraft Terrace

Distilling the daily habits and routines of the clients into a carefully considered yet simple response, the Wollstonecraft Terrace works as a tool kit for living.

The design transformed the existing layout of a 1990s townhouse and strategically re-oriented the kitchen, dining and living spaces. Enabling and maximising the connection of two perimeter courtyards, daylight, cross ventilation and views are maximised. A simple, clean material palette of white polyurethane and birch plywood joinery conceal ample storage, walk-in pantry, toilet and laundry, whilst creating a calm, reflective space for the occupants.

Photography by Felipe Neves

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The result has totally exceeded our expectations and has been a testament to the value of engaging architectural expertise to help elevate and realise the vision for our home...from initial idea to final finishing touches...we found Dan and Cat to be the perfect partners in this process: creative and expansionary in outlook; visionary yet practical in execution; and patient and encouraging to maintain our enthusiasm throughout the process.
— Lindsay & Julie Anne (Clients)
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The result is a living space that certainly has the wow factor but is ideally suited to our needs and lifestyle. We just absolutely love spending time in this space. We would thorough recommend this team to anyone who wants to create something extraordinary in their own home.
— Lindsay & Julie Anne (Clients)
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